#!/bin/sh # # rundig # # $Id: rundig,v 2001/06/07 19:33:56 grdetil Exp $ # # This is a sample script to create a search database for ht://Dig. # DBDIR=/u/web/sjeng2/htdig/db/de COMMONDIR=/u/web/sjeng2/htdig/common/german BINDIR=/u/httpd/cgi-bin # To help debug problems, try running rundig -vvv # This will add lots of debugging output to all of the programs stats= opts= alt= for arg do case "$arg" in -a) alt="$arg" ;; -s) stats="$arg" ;; *) opts="$opts $arg" ;; # e.g. -v or -c config esac done # # Set the TMPDIR variable if you want htmerge to put files in a location # other than the default. This is important if you do not have enough # disk space for the big sort that htmerge runs. Also, be aware that # on some systems, /tmp is a memory mapped filesystem that takes away # from virtual memory. # TMPDIR=$DBDIR export TMPDIR $BINDIR/htdig -i $opts $stats $alt -c /u/web/sjeng2/htdig/conf/sjeng2.de.conf LC_COLLATE=C $BINDIR/htmerge $opts $stats $alt -c /u/web/sjeng2/htdig/conf/sjeng2.de.conf case "$alt" in -a) ( cd $DBDIR && test -f db.docdb.work && for f in *.work do mv -f $f `basename $f .work` done ) ;; esac # If you're low on disk space and you don't mind completely reindexing # every time you run this script, you can always # rm $DBDIR/db.wordlist # OR # If you'd rather run update digs all the time with the minimal databases # Keep only the following files (and don't call htdig with -i): # db.docdb, db.docdb.work, db.docs.index, db.wordlist.work, db.words.db #$BINDIR/htnotify $opts -c /u/web/sjeng2/htdig/conf/sjeng2.de.conf # If you want to use the soundex and (or) metaphone fuzzy matchings, # Uncomment the following line # $BINDIR/htfuzzy $opts soundex metaphone # # Create the endings and synonym databases if they don't exist # or if they're older than the files they're generated from. # These databases are semi-static, so even if pages change, # these databases will not need to be rebuilt. # if [ "`ls -t $COMMONDIR/english.0 $COMMONDIR/word2root.db 2>/dev/null | sed 1q`" = \ "$COMMONDIR/english.0" ] then $BINDIR/htfuzzy -c /u/web/sjeng2/htdig/conf/sjeng2.de.conf $opts endings fi if [ "`ls -t $COMMONDIR/synonyms $COMMONDIR/synonyms.db 2>/dev/null | sed 1q`" = \ "$COMMONDIR/synonyms" ] then $BINDIR/htfuzzy -c /u/web/sjeng2/htdig/conf/sjeng2.de.conf $opts synonyms fi